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A Portrait of Our Times,

An introduction to The Logan Collection that displays its chronological span, international scope, and importance alongside other leading collections of contemporary art. Among the artists featured are Ed Ruscha, Philip Guston, Marlene Dumas, Bruce Nauman, Cindy Sherman, Damien Hirst, Fang Lijun, and Liu Wei.
2002 Whitney Biennial,

A panorama of contemporary American art and the Whitney museum's signature exhibition, the Whitney Biennial is a mirror of our culture and of who we are now. This online exhibition presents the work of 113 artists and collaborative teams, as well as 80 audio interviews with the artists.
The ArtCouncil 2002 Chicago Grant Recipients,

This online exhibition honors 15 of Chicago's promising emerging and mid-career artists, recipients of The ArtCouncil's second annual Chicago Awards to Visual Artists fellowship.
Asian Arts Edge: Presenting 65 New Artists, Art and Culture

Western infiltration into Eastern cultures has made Asian art more accessible to Western eyes. This may account for the rise on the international level of all things Eastern. Despite its popularity, however, Asian art poses a challenge to Western critics. This overview presents 65 artists whose work bridges East and West.
Immerse: An Interactive Essay, Art and Culture

Immersion is a state of profound involvement. This multimedia investigation into the immersive experience explores this state from baths to Net at, from dreams to virtual reality.
London Station: American Eyes on British Art, Art and Culture

The world of London is turning. Present-day London is a place where class struggles blend with threads of colonial hybridity to the techno beats of raving teens. Explore London culture in the areas of class, the grotesque, humor, pop, rave, and mod.
Old School: Catching up to the Classics, Art and Culture

A timeline of seminal figures in the arts who lend depth and continuity to the contemporary scene. Explore Art and Culture's willfully idiosyncratic guide to originators who gave shape to a genre, defined a discipline, or brought a style into being.
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