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20th-Century Art

Western historical periods often come to be characterized by particular continuities: traditions and innovations in styles, ideas, and aesthetic concerns. The Italian Renaissance, for example, is associated with the development of a philosophy that places humanity at its center with the body as its measure of reason and perfection.

But the art of the twentieth century is unlike that of other times and places. Its particular and fundamental characteristics are not based on some set of Continued ...>

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Book Publishers
Colophon: Modern Illustrated and Fine Press Books

View Colophon's collection of art-related books.

International Publishing Project of Photography, Art, and Popular Culture
This gallery offers a wide variety of popular culutre books. Images on their site offer a peek at the inside of these intriguing galleries.

Pier Walk

Tour one of the largest outdoor sculpture exhibitions online. This easy-to-use site allows visitors to browse by artist or title.

Magazines + Journals
2wice Magazine of Visual Culture

Offbeat photoessays and obscure art finds make 2wice well worth the visit.

Art Commotion
Your guide to the Los Angeles art scene, Art Commotion covers everything from Yoko Ono's new stunt to Ed Rivera's take on the spoken-word beat.

Art Nexus
Art Nexus, founded in 1992, is the collaborative effort of Latin American curators, critics, and scholars. The magazine explores the "repercussions" of Latin American art in the international art scene.

Art Orbit
Art Orbit covers the some of the brightest and riskiest artists creating right now. Pay special attention to their virtual art section.

ArtThrob lists contemporary visual art events in South Africa and also offers news, reviews, and essays.

With 19 years of publishing quality art and literature under its belt, Bomb remains a favorite for folks involved in the contemporary art scene.

Excellent digital art coverage and brilliant photoessays give this magazine a good rep with art lovers.

Coverage of the artists of today and tomorrow, along with the latest in design, fashion, film, music, and horticulture! This formula makes Frieze one of the most reputable art magazines worldwide.

Make: The Magazine of Women's Art
Make covers the feminist art scene from emerging artists to women whose work has made herstory.

The Stedelijk Museum
The premiere museum of modern and contemporary art in The Netherlands presents works by greats Paul Cezanne and Claude Monet.

Museums + Galleries
Arizona State Art Museum

The Latin American collection of the Arizona State Art Museum is home to great works by Ruben Rosas and Diego Rivera. Survey the enlargeable prints.

Basel Museum of Fine Arts
Basel hosts the world's oldest public art collection as well as temporary exhibitions by artists such as Jonathan Borofsky.

Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati
Enjoy contemporary online exhibitions from Jim Dine to Bruce Nauman.

Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston
The museum's art collection ranges over the years 1948 to the present, but the online archive is mostly text-based.

DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park
Known for its unique sculpture park, the DeCordova Museum is also home to a popular collection of American contemporary art.

Dia Center for the Arts
This contemporary arts organization is located in New York City and offers excellent online exhibitions from all disciplines.

Eli Broad Family Foundation
View an extensive online collection of work by leading contemporary artists.

Henie Onstad Art Center
The Norwegian museum presents a large collection of international contemporary art including the photography of Alberto Korda and Installation art by Bosch and Simmons.

Located in Helsinki, Kiasma presents a thorough online tour of its facilities. Take a special stop at the TEMPorary Media lab to see how some artists explore the possibilities of new technology.

Kunstmuseum Bonn
Find text in German and English, and view artist exhibitions from Max Ernst to August Macke.

Lili Brochetain Collection Online
Stroll online through over 120 works by Russian artists and treat yourself to an "intellectual refreshment" at the entrance of each gallery.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
This Danish museum offers a first-rate selection of well-crafted online exhibitions.

Madison Art Center
Modern and contemporary art, with worthwhile online presentations of current and past exhibits.

Media Centre of the Musee d'art Contemporain de Montreal
An invaluable cultural center in Mexico, the MexPlaza site features contemporary and pre-Hispanic art. The text is in Spanish only.

Moderna Museet
This museum in Stockholm holds nearly 60,000 modern art-objects in its collection -- some of them are posted for online viewing.

Musem Moderner Kunst Stiftung
Located in Vienna, Musem Moderner Kunst Stiftung is the one of the largest museums of modern art in Central Europe.

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Carrillo Gil
This Mexican museum has an online overview of its exhibitions featuring Latin American artists like Carlos Amorales.

Museum für Moderne Kunst
Frankfurt's modern art museum features work from artists such as Rosemarie Trockel and Joseph Beuys.

Museum of Bad Art
This fine collection ranges from "the work of talented artists that have gone awry," to works by artists "barely in control of the brush."

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
An array of past exhibitions are displayed online, including artists such as Chuck Close.

Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego
Select works from the permanent collection, including art by Ellsworth Kelly and Claes Oldenburg, are available online along with overviews of temporary exhibitions.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
The MOCA is known worldwide for its huge permanent collection of contemporary art. Temporary exhibitions include shows of artists such as Raymond Pettibon.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
Visit Australia's leading contemporary art museum and view over 6000 works online, or learn about temporary exhibits such as "Word" -- an exploration into the power of a single word.

Museum of Modern Art, New York
The web site is the next best thing to being there, with audio and visual enhancements and online exhibitions.

Outsider Art Museum
The Outsider Art Museum's unique collection of visionary art, art of the insane, and naive art left its Russian home and has toured 30 cities since 1996. This site details the philosophy, ethics, and collection of the institution.

Singapore Art Museum
This museum focuses on the modern art of southeast Asia and Singapore. The online exhibitions are organized by themes such as "Nationalism," "Revolution," and "Rise of Modernity," and present work by such artists as Tan Chin Kuan and Do Son.

The Finnish National Gallery
The Finnish National Gallery site represents the Museum of Foreign Art, the Museum of Finnish Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. You'll need at least eight days to explore their database of eight centuries of art.

Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art
This small museum treats visitors to a collection of contemporary art from Spain and Latin America.

The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
The web site displays 131 images of modern works from the 2800 objects that the museum owns.

The Parrish Art Museum
This museum in Southampton, New York, is home to a permanent collection of art from 1898 to 1998, plus temporary exhibitions of artists such as Jasper Johns and Elena Del Rivero.

The Tate Gallery
The online home of the renowned museum for British art and international Modern art. See what's up at their three locations.

The Whitworth Museum
The British museum houses a famous collection of watercolors, textiles, prints, paintings, and sculptures. Take an online tour of their collections and programs!

Van Abbemuseum
Click on the English flag to access the English site of this Dutch museum. The museum is located in Eindhoven, Netherlands, but you don't have to travel to learn about their upcoming exhibits or to view the collection.

Virtual Museum of Arts el Pais
This beautifully executed online exhibition of contemporary Uruguayan art gives explorers access to often-missed museum corners and hallways.

Walker Art Center
Located in Minneapolis, this exceptional Modern art museum is home to an impressive sculpture garden (home of Oldenburg's big sundae spoon), a film series, and an expansive permanent collection.

Warhol Museum
Visit Pittsburg to see this museum's large collection of Warhol images and archives.

This German museum site flaunts a range of web projects and online exhibitions which incorporate installations, dance, performance art, graphics, and web animation.

Art Scope
Art Scope brings together art news from online and print sources to create a valuable database of information. Find interactive reviews, links and resources, gallery and theater show schedules, and more.
Find current and archived news along with a weekly list of emerging artists -- then link to images of their work.

References + Resources
235 Media
This media-arts catalogue features global Video artists and Video Installations, and allows visitors to search by artist and title.

The GAGA team of Israeli multimedia artists specializes in interactive design. Link to projects and magazines they are affiliated with, such as Tel Aviv magazine, "The Greenhouse" project, and more.

This organization assists selected artists' careers by exhibiting work online and in their New York gallery, and by providing access to art materials, studio space, and more. The site also offers info about events like upcoming exhibitions and educational programs.